12 Books From 2012 – Part 1

5 thoughts on “12 Books From 2012 – Part 1”

  1. Thanks for the recommendations. The Rob bell sounds good.
    Congratulations on your first Dickens! If you’re looking for a second, Tale of Two Cities is head and shoulders above every other thing he’s written, in my humble opinion. Short, for a Dickens, too…

    1. Thanks Tanya. I’m definitely planning on reading more Dickens, so I’ll give A Tale of Two Cities a go.
      Have the Muppets done a film of it…?

  2. Thanks for the link Gareth 🙂 Great to see you blogging again. I look forward to the next list of books. I also got a kindle for Christmas – its great! Do you know any places that do good deals on kindle books?

    1. Thanks Cat – I’m hoping to keep it up a bit more in 2013…
      For Kindle books, I usually look out for the Amazon sales – I bought a whole bunch in their 12 Days of Christmas sale for 99p each, which should keep me going for a while. And the classics are free!

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