My First Exhibition!

3 thoughts on “My First Exhibition!”

  1. This is ‘unprofessional’ in that it’s a non-public exhibition in a non-gallery space. This is not a criticism but an observation. I think the presentation is really effective with some of the pictures left on the ground. It might still be successful even without the Shepard Fairey – referencing colour scheme. Taking it as it is, I think that it’s very cool that the organisation you work for is making space in it’s meeting schedule for art. Genuine, considered artworks put on the nearest available wall to open up some alternative dialogue. There is something mild mannered yet conservatively radical about this to my mind.. Props to UCCF!

  2. Very cool idea – sounds exciting and creative and real.

    Love the photo – i’d seen the ‘previews’ of the portraits, si found it quite shocking to see some on the floor. Makes the point powerfully. Good stuff.

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