Ai Weiwei Released On Bail

2 thoughts on “Ai Weiwei Released On Bail”

  1. Gareth, did you know the Chinese tortured Ai for several consecutive days to get him to “confess” to “tax evasion”? Part of that torture included forcing him to watch video of Gao Zhisheng, a Christian human rights attorney who has been in Chinese captivity now for nearly 900 days. There is a strong connection between what happened to Ai and what’s happening to the house church movement in China today, including Gao’s detention and torture. Google “Shouwang church” to learn more. It’s all part of the same government campaign to suppress the basic human rights of free speech and religion. There’s more on this in an article over at DailyCristo, which you may find interesting, and disturbing:

    1. Hi Athol, thanks for commenting.
      I was pretty skeptical of the Chinese government’s story to be honest, and if the reports of his torture are true, they’re pretty shocking. But the article you mentioned makes a really important point – when Ai Weiwei disappeared, people noticed and there was an outcry. But lots of other Chinese people, particularly Chinese Christians, don’t have the world’s media defending them.

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