“Born This Way” (The Album) by Lady Gaga

5 thoughts on ““Born This Way” (The Album) by Lady Gaga”

  1. Helpful review, Gareth. In response to the last thing – assumptions that Christians are judgemental – I found the quote at the end of this video on the Guardian website to be striking. For those who are genuinely outcasts, rather than those who take centre stage to say they are, it’s often true that Christians prove the only non-judgemental, welcoming ones around. Hmm.

    1. That’s really interesting and helpful, thanks Rosemary. I guess the difference is that some people look for their identity in being an outcast, and Gaga is saying go for it. But for those who don’t, who are genuinely outcast (like the ladies in the video), the church is often a lot less judgemental. It was interesting reading the comments under the video too, where lots of people said, “ah, but if they were this kind of person, they wouldn’t be so accepting.” As you say, ‘hmm.’

  2. As a Christian yourself (which I am not BTW) what do you make of all GaGa’s satanic/ Lucifarian/ freemasonic/ mind control themes and imagery which saturate her songs and videos and image?

    I know you gave an opinion about the song ‘Judas’ above, but does any of the following analysis give you a different/ wider perspective and change you views in any way?

    Just curious 🙂





    I also want to take issue with a couple of points you make. You say:

    “…… And it presents an alternative – find the truth in yourself: assert your identity and be who you want to be (the assumption being that Christianity will judge you and reject you). And people like the message – there’s a reason she’s sold 1.11 million copies….”

    I would suggest the main reason she sold so many copies in the first week or two (before the figures fell quite dramatically) is because of aggressive marketing. I have written about this on my blog. Marketing is also the reason why she got famous to begin with – her talents alone not being enough to propel her to such superstar status! I mean come on, there are thousands of singers as talented, and thousands more who are far more talented.

    On the subject of identity, it’s true that GaGa never misses an opportunity to tell us to just accept ourselves (and each other) for ‘who we are’ and that ‘we are all special’ etc etc etc.

    But let’s not get carried away.

    She is still a part of an industry which relies heavily on manipulating people’s ideas of their identity for profit and control. Celebrity culture, fashion and advertising are all based on defining and promoting unobtainable and standardized ideals to the public which makes the public feel dissatisfied with themselves/ worthless/ ugly etc by comparison. A demoralized, insecure public makes for better consumers. It really is that simple.

    GaGa says/does NOTHING to criticize or even question the effects of these industries (media, music, Hollywood etc) – although she does target Christianity I see. These industries are hugely responsible for the dumbing down of the entire western world, as well as psychological disorders such as depression, eating disorders, addiction to shopping (ie addiction to debt) etc. And it is clear these industries are used to indoctrinate the masses with devastating results. For example the Pentagon has a department responsible for re-writing Hollywood scripts in return for free use of equipment (planes, tanks etc). If you’re wondering how ‘we’ (western world) end up fighting in multiple illegal wars and committing genocide – all based on proven lies – I suggest dumbed down Hollywood war and action films of the last few decades provides a large part of the answer.

    And so by preaching acceptance in such a shallow way all she is really doing is encouraging inauthentic, dumbed down people to accept and embrace their superficial state. But you have to first FIND your true identity before you can embrace it. Finding your identity means questioning, digging, challenging and confronting. It means doing WORK. It means sorting out your crap! What GaGa offers is a quick fix identity which is no different to that offered by traditional celebs and fashion models. Both are equally 2-dimensional and inauthentic. Yet they are presented to us by the media as if they are opposites or choices…. each with a set of rules and products and behaviours. Each a distraction and a hinderance to finding out who we really are and embracing our true selves.

    GaGa’s own identity is totally superficial and inauthentic. Wearing unique clothes is a great thing and very healthy indeed but somehow GaGa only ever wears *costumes* which is slightly different. She seems to NEVER be herself. And her entire ethos is based on generating publicity through the corporate media. Through organizations such as the CFR the America media and entertainment industry is linked with government. So who and what is she working with? And is it really free expression and rebellion?

    She calls herself a ‘fame monster’ but if you stop and think this just means a ‘sell out’.

    She has sold out to the corporate establishment and is promoting a vacuous, dumbed down, insubstantial and totally hypocritical nonsense message to the youth – while mocking religion. And with the help of outrageous costumes she has made the whole thing look like rebellion, free expression and ‘art’ …. when it is in fact conformity and corporate propaganda/ psychological warfare.

    1. Hi “Abandonculture”

      Thanks for reading the blog, and thanks for your comments.

      I’ll be honest, I found some of the articles about the imagery in some of the songs a bit far-fetched. As a Christian, there’s a lot of imagery in the videos that I find difficult to deal with – she regularly exploits Christian themes and images to either add shock value or to make what she’s singing seem more significant than it probably is. But I don’t think I’d go so far as to say she has a Satanic agenda…

      I think you’re absolutely right about the role of marketing, and the way the pop industry (and many other industries) manipulate how people think about identity. I think Lady Gaga gets that, but instead of using it by being mainstream, she uses it by being different. And you’re right – she’s never ‘herself’. We never see her without the persona, and so she seems to represent the real possibility or reinventing yourself to be who you want to be (although I’ve argued elsewhere on this blog that that isn’t as easy as she makes out). I’m afraid I don’t know much about how the media and Government are linked together, but the song Government Hooker on the new album seems pretty critical of controlling Governments.

      1. It is an extremely difficult (set of) subject(s) to talk about, and I am struggling to make sense of it all myself.

        I’m a big fan of the site I linked – although again it’s inevitably going to be a simplification of the real world. But it’s written by a music industry insider (not just a ‘conspiracy nut’) and IMHO you really have to read all the articles of all the artists to really get the common thread of ‘whatever it is’ that’s going on in the industry (of course feel free to disagree – I’m not trying to promote that site or anything).

        Other fascinating sites which delve into the disturbing world of the entertainment industry are:


        I think words like ‘satanic’ are maybe too vague and loaded, especially when referring just to the symbolism side of it. Obviously, a few devil horn signs or an inverted pentagram is not going to make people ‘evil’. And this is what a lot of people say when you try and talk about this kind of stuff. They just think it all sounds ridiculous. And in that sense it is maybe a bit of a red herring.

        But in a broader sense, what increasingly defines popular culture (especially pop music and Hollywood) today?

        Skin deep image, material wealth, power (status/ hierarchy/ ego), greed, hedonism, consumerism, idiocy, shallowness, competitiveness (hierarchy again), violence and sex (minus any love at all) and so on ….in other words a complete lack of spiritual, philosophical, moral, ethical connection to life!

        Our popular culture is almost completely empty of awe and humanity, which are being replaced by entertainment and celebrity. The whole thing encourages us to worship ourselves and others (celebs) as ‘gods’ – in the most egotistical and least enlightened sense.

        That may not be how most people define ‘satanic’ but whatever it is it’s not enlightenment or wisdom or grace! And of course while whole populations participate in this mindless, spiritually empty CULTure millions of men, women and children are being slaughtered in illegal wars across the world now – wars for profit and power. And that’s in addition to the poverty and slavery and other injustices that also exists. And nobody seems to care.

        How many viewers does X-factor and BGT get these days? … yet how many people could even tell you why ‘we’ are even in Iraq or Afghanistan in the first place?

        I mean if you were an alien passing by and this was all written in your Lonely Planet Guide for Planet Earth how would you describe things going on down there? Hardly civilized is it!

        Of course I’m not saying ordinary people are ‘bad’ – quite the opposite – the overwhelming majority are good, and they would be horrified if they ever came face to face with the *reality* of the world they support with their apathy and ignorance. That is my point.

        *Something* ensures that we never do come face to face with that reality. And a big part of that something is ‘entertainment’. It is like a fog that blurs our vision and clouds our minds and prevents us from seeing or facing reality and thus having an authentic and sincere reaction to this life. It keeps us distracted, in a trance, unable to think or feel.

        Just suppose for the sake of argument the world is run by ‘evil satan worshipping folk’. Would they really try and convert the whole world to their religion of death and evil openly and expect good people to embrace it all knowingly …. or would they use covert methods (such as indoctrination through mass media and entertainments) to manipulate the public into accepting their death cult (in the form of wars, poverty, starvation etc) and psychopathic need to control the masses (through banks, corporations, governments secret societies etc) all as being perfectly normal states of affairs in a free, sane world and therefore something we should never question?

        And so just as Hollywood war movies desensitize us to wars so that no one feels any emotion when they see Iraqi children being blown to pieces in real life, perhaps pop music like GaGa and Rihanna desensitizes us to satanic themes and what’s often called ‘dark ecstasy’ so that no one can talk about such things and ever be taken seriously either. After all it’s just sexy dressing up and harmless entertainment, right? It’s just Ozzy Osborne or Heavy Metal, right?

        That’s fine, except it doesn’t quite explain all the death in the world, or why in the street plan of Washington DC there are inverted pentagrams pointing to both the White House and Capital Building. Or why so many wars start on significant occult dates. Or why SRA seems to be prevalent in the establishment class.

        But maybe I am getting a bit carried away….

        Let’s ask our supposedly God fearing leaders, industrialists and experts what they all think about it 😉

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