“Mudpies and Sandcastles” (2011)

4 thoughts on ““Mudpies and Sandcastles” (2011)”

  1. love love love it!
    love the sandcastle,
    love the shade the kid’s in
    love the hat.
    love that it could be southend? (you know, apart from the sun)
    love that you cant see the sun, but clearly see by it, even/except the kid,
    interested how cartoony you’ve made the beach, it’s like you’re more interested in the mud. although that draws me more to the horizon.
    would you want to sell it? if so, i’ll meet you in a booth near southend on sea

    1. Hey Chris, thanks for the comments!

      To be honest, I found the cartooniness quite frustrating to begin with, to the extent I almost chucked it. It has a lot to do with my lack of painting skill (I might redo it when I’ve had a bit/lot more practice). But afterwards I started thinking that, actually, that’s how we often see the world. The muddy photos seem more real than the lovely beach holiday on offer in the background – when I tried to paint a perfect seaside, it started to look like a cartoon (although I’m not saying I could have painted a miserable beach any better). And as I look around the world it can seem more real, and more attractive, than the perfect future I should know is more real.

      So maybe in trying to paint Lewis’s analogy, I painted the attitude he was pointing out?

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