“Mum” and “Dad” (2010) by Gareth Leaney

3 thoughts on ““Mum” and “Dad” (2010) by Gareth Leaney”

  1. Hi.

    My knowledge of painters isn’t great, but they seem to look a lot like Gerhard Richter or Luc Tuymans. Is that something you’ve done on purpose?

    Also, your Dad looks like you!

    1. Hi Josh
      I wasn’t really familiar with either of them before I painted the portraits, but Dan C suggested I might like them too. I see what you mean about the similarities. Although I didn’t intend it at all, maybe I was going for the same sort of thing as Richter’s black and white photo paintings. I like the way it simplifies things, partly because you don’t have loads of colours to worry about, but also because it means you’re just painting in light and dark. You kind of take away one of the aspects of the painting, so that the others become more important.
      But I’d also been reading about the difference between using black from a tube and black made from mixing primary colours, so I tried to make it all a bit richer by adding blue, so that the shades of grey have a hint of blue to them. So whereas black and white (like in Richter’s paintings) is quite stark, this is a bit softer. I’m doing one at the moment with a green tinge to it, which totally changes the feel of the painting before I’ve even painted the subject.
      And yes, I do look like my Dad!

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