“Sunflower Seeds” (2010) by Ai Weiwei

9 thoughts on ““Sunflower Seeds” (2010) by Ai Weiwei”

    1. The way they made the seeds was really fascinating (there’s a documentary thing showing people making them). Hundreds of people were involved in the small porcelain businesses making the seeds and painting them, using traditional methods to make something they’d never normally make. It basically took over the city – everyone knew someone who was involved in making them.
      And apparently they had no idea why they were making them. Usually everything they make has some kind of function, but they couldn’t understand why anyone would want 100million porcelain sunflower seeds.

  1. hey! went today, met some studes there for prob the most random venue for a houseparty planning session so far.. I wondered what you’d make of it! Once Joe said there were in the 100 millions, the chinese connections were hard to avoid. But it was hard to react in a way that wasn’t visceral – playing with it in some way. I dunno about you but it all felt really familiar, like when you entered and didnt notice the seeds, or like we’d all done this before on beaches, except it was heavier (really hard to dig down to the bottom), and you realise the seeds are all individually handcrafted. unbelievable. yet incredible/mind boggling, yet there & really normal.

    1. I think the weird sense of familiarity added something to the work. It kind of takes something normal and messes with it, so that you don’t really know what you were seeing. And I felt like I couldn’t decide if I wanted to join in and play, or kick out the guy who’d taken his shoes off for being an idiot.

  2. When I first glanced at this I thought someone had used millions of sunflower seeds to make a statement… But discovering they’re hand-painted just blows my mind!!

    1. Jenny! Welcome to my blog!

      It’s pretty incredible. And especially when you see how they were manufactured. It’s a shame you can’t get up close to them any more…

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