Dan Curtis at FORUM 2010

4 thoughts on “Dan Curtis at FORUM 2010”

    1. Thanks. I told him I was doing it, but I haven’t specifically pointed it out to him. I’m hoping to put some of his (presumably) better photos on the post instead, once his website’s up and running properly…

    1. Josh! Thanks for checking out the blog.

      I liked your post about Dan’s stuff. I hadn’t thought about the disposability of the materials before – it fits really well with what I was already thinking…

      The Jesus bit was definitely shameless – it’s kind of what I’m aiming to do with the blog. I’m working on the assumption that the universe is all about Jesus, and so he’s relevant to all the issues people are exploring through their art, and to the questions they’re asking. So I think you’re definitely right about the link between conceptual art and Biblical spirituality. I guess, in a way, Jesus being the Word which became flesh is the ultimate example of truth being made into a physical reality. Which gives huge dignity to the process of making conceptual art, doesn’t it?

      Also, I love the stuff on your Part Time Art blog, especially the temporary messages written around the place. Love it!

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