“IKB 79” (1959) by Yves Klein

4 thoughts on ““IKB 79” (1959) by Yves Klein”

  1. I saw the word ‘pretentious’ and had to do what I’ve been meaning to do for a while – look up what it actually means. There seem to be lots of definitions, which is probably why it’s just used as a general negative term. One of the meanings is ‘to pretend’. What’s wrong with pretending? To use a silly example, C.S Lewis said we only become like Christ by first pretending to be like him (or something like that). So surely you’ve got to try (i.e ‘pretend’) to make artwork that’s good before you actually succeed? Haha, I don’t know maybe I’ve just come up with a pretentious post myself..

    I was just going to say, I saw the Yves Klein at Tate Liverpool the other day. It made me think of Anish Kapoor, who coats his work with pure pigments to a simillar (space-creating) effect. The Yves Klein is probably not something that works unless you’re standing in front of it, although there’s also a conceptual element to copyrighting your own colour!

    1. I think I was using the word ‘pretentious’ because I thought other people would think I was pretentious, rather than calling myself pretentious. (And you’re on the right lines with the definition). But this whole blog is basically about my realising that it’s not about pretending to know about art, but about having the confidence to share what you really do think.

      And you’re right about IKB 79 – you have to be there really…

  2. I absolutely hate this painting, for years I wondered why it was considered art, seeing as it’s just a block of one colour. But I did enjoy reading this, gives me a more clear view on the piece. I like to see others opions on it. 🙂 (I still don’t like it though) lol.

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